The Beginning

My name is Kim.  

My husband, Glen Campbell, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011 before he was set to embark on a short farewell tour to promote his last album, Ghost on the Canvas. With our children by our side, what was supposed to be a few concerts turned into a 151-show world tour and a feature-length documentary, Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me.

It was Glen’s hope that living so openly with Alzheimer’s would help de-stigmatize the disease.  Glen showed the world that Alzheimer's is nothing to be embarrassed about.  You just need to let people know that you will need some support and understanding.  If you have that, you can continue to live your life even if the odds are not in your favor.

Now that he's done all he can, I want to do all I can. 

Everywhere I go, people that have seen our film tell me that we are telling their story too.  

It is my hope that, one day, people will also think about the wellbeing of the caregiver.In sharing my experiences and thoughts, I hope to educate other caregivers about the resources available to them as they navigate their journey.  I want to share the ways I have found to cope with the daily challenges of Alzheimer’s care. These include maintaining a sense of humor, building a close-knit care team, staying active and healthy, and above all, trusting in God.  Furthermore, I aim to de-stigmatize long-term care, and introduce people to modern memory support communities. These communities offer safety, quality of life, and around the clock medical care to residents while providing peace of mind and respite to their families.

I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!