"I'm Not Gonna Miss You."

There aren’t words to describe the wave of emotions that come over me every time I hear my husband’s last song. I am so blessed to have a lasting memory of my husband through his music.

I know he would feel honored and so thankful that his peers in the entertainment industry are recognizing him. The song won the Grammy for “Best Country Song,” this year, and was also a surprise nomination for "Best Original Song" at the Academy Awards.

And while it would have been wonderful to win and to share that award with Glen, my heart is full of happiness.

Our youngest son, Shannon, paid tribute to his father in a medium that Glen can sometimes still understand – music.

Shannon compiled a team of musicians in Nashville to join him in the attic of our home to perform the song. I know Glen would be a proud dad and I am an overjoyed mother at this wonderful display of love and affection.

I hope you enjoy Shannon’s cover, I know I did! 

I also wanted to share a video Glen's son, Dillon, made for his father. He is also a singer/songwriter and lives in Los Angeles, California. I'm not able to embed the video here, but please give it a listen on his official Facebook artist page

I am so proud of them for showcasing their talents and lifting their father up with song.