The 2015 Grammy Awards

The experience of attending this year’s Grammy Awards was amazing.  Ashley and I stayed in Malibu with our good friend Jane Seymour, one of the Executive Producer’s of our film, who continues to open her heart to us.  Jane graciously lent me a beautiful custom made black beaded vintage Escada gown and a few pieces from her Open Heart Jewelry collection. Ashley wore a striped dress by Alice and Olivia and Jane wore a metallic bandage dress that she was excited about because she thought it resembled the grooves in a vinyl record.

Our son Cal, and Jane’s son Johnny, met us at the house. We had to leave Malibu by 10:30AM to get to the Staples Center by 12:00PM for the pre-ceremony where the off-camera awards were to be presented.  Shannon met us there.  (BTW – Thanks to our Director/Producer, James Keach, for providing two of our tickets!  These seats are impossible to get!) Glen’s song, “I’m Not Gonna’ Miss You,” was up for Best Song Written for Visual Media and Best Country Song.

When they announced “Let it Go” from the film Frozen as the winner of the Visual Media category, I prepared myself for not winning the next category as well. I was completely surprised and delighted to hear them announce Glen Campbell and Julian Raymond for “I’m Not Gonna Miss You!” It was so surreal. It was like I didn’t really hear it until Jane said, “He won! Run!”  So, I stood up and made for the aisle. It was all a blur. I hugged Ashley, who was sitting at the end of the row and then I took off toward the stage where Julian Raymond was waiting to help me up the steps to the podium.

It was dreamlike being up onstage and facing all those people in such a large room. You only have seconds to thank everyone you can think of so I did the best I could.  I was just so excited for Glen!

After the show we met up with more of our family at the Big Machine Label Group afterparty.

As Seen in Variety from left to right: James Keach, Ashley Campbell, Kim Campbell, Jane Seymour, Shannon Campbell, Cal Campbell, Stanley Schneider, and Chance Paul McCoy.


Also joining us to celebrate that night were Alex Campbell, our grandson Trevor Campbell, our granddaughter Brittany Campbell and her boyfriend Joey Quick.